Classroom Donation Form

Did you receive a great gift from a parent or external stakeholder?  We are excited for you and your students!

In order for us to keep track of our donations, and our donor base, we need your help. 

If you received an in-kind donation (printer, chair, computer, iPad, etc.) that is over $250 in estimated value, please let us know.  There are a few things that the Office of Community Relations needs to do to follow up with all donations over $250 (we'll handle this so you don't have to!).  Our office will:

1) Write a thank you letter (that also serves as an official IRS tax deduction form) signed by the WCA Executive Director.

3) Deliver the signed documents to you so you can add a hand-written note and deliver it to the donor personally.

Thank you for helping us generate a culture of giving at WCA!


Classroom donation Form

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