King Soopers Community Rewards Program


Give back to our school just by shopping for groceries and gas! Windsor Charter Academy has partnered with King Soopers Community Rewards Program to help raise money for our school. King Soopers has recently restructured their program and it is easier than ever to participate!

Don’t forget - your friends and family can join in on this program too!


1. Register for a King Soopers Rewards Card and Create an Online Account

If you haven’t already, register for a King Soopers or City Market rewards card. Cards are available at the customer service desk at any King Soopers or City Market store. Once you have a rewards card, you can create an online account with your name, some basic information, and a valid email address.

Once you have a registered King Soopers or City Market rewards card account, you can link your account to Windsor Charter Academy.

2. Link your King Soopers Account to Windsor Charter Academy

Log into your King Soopers or City Market account. Under “My Account” go to “Community Rewards”. Then, search for Windsor Charter Academy by name or by our our school code “RR794”. Once you select Windsor Charter Academy, click “Enroll”.


Remember, proceeds can’t be donated to Windsor Charter Academy unless you link your rewards card to our school. Each time you swipe your rewards card, or use the phone number that is associated with your rewards card, our school earns money!

the impact

There are ten million reasons to love this program! King Soopers will pay up to $2,500,000 on a quarterly basis to all participating organizations, or $10,000,000 per year. The amount Windsor Charter Academy receives is based on the percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all King Soopers Community Rewards organizations. The more members and supporters we have participate, the greater our donation will be!

Thank you for supporting our school!