King Soopers Community Rewards Program


Windsor Charter Academy has partnered with King Soopers’ Community Rewards Program to help raise money for our school. We all purchase groceries, so why not let a percentage of your grocery bill benefit our school? It’s an easy and effective way to raise money!


  1. Fill out our online form to get your Reloadable King Soopers Gift Card.

  2. The next time you shop at any King Soopers, go to the service desk or checkout lane and ask them to load the card with the amount you would like to spend – just as though you were buying a gift card for someone else. Please make sure you do this prior to ringing up your purchase.

  3. Use your King Soopers Reloadable Gift Card to pay for your purchase inside the store or at one of their gas stations.

  4. SAVE THE CARD and RELOAD it when it gets low or before your next purchase. If you let the card sit with a balance of less than $5 for a few months, it will be listed as inactive and you’ll need to request another card via our online form.


For every $5,000 spent with these gift cards, Windsor Charter Academy will receive a check for $250! All you have to do is keep track of your card and remember to refill and use it.

Other Things to Remember:

  • You must use the specific gift card purchased through our school or it will not be linked to our school.

  • You can use your card to purchase gas at any King Soopers, City Market, or Safeway gas station!!

  • You can still use your card to earn points and discounts since it is just like paying with a gift card.

  • You must “load” your card before purchasing your groceries.

  • You need to keep $5 or more on the card or it will become inactive.

  • In order for the school to earn the 5%, you will continually need to RELOAD the cards. Some of our families load a certain amount onto their card each month to help them stay on track with their grocery budget.

    Thank you for supporting our school!