Volunteering at WCA

Student success relies on parental involvement to support academic achievement and character development.  We maintain excellence at our school because each family is required to fulfill 35 hours of volunteer time.

Once you volunteer, please add/update your volunteer information.  (Please allow 24 hours for your login registration to be approved.)  If you have other members who contribute to your family hours, please list their names as well and connect them to your child/children – this way, whoever volunteers, your family will get the credit. 

Ways to Volunteer

Our parents log almost 20,000 volunteer hours a year! This information is valuable when we apply for grant funding. Please be sure to log your hours as you volunteer.  Click here to log your hours on our Volunteer Tracker to make sure your service hours are counted. If you haven't had the opportunity to open your account, please stop by our front offices to sign up.

Donate funds to cover volunteer hours

Did you know your donation can go towards your volunteer hours? Every $10 counts towards one volunteer hour. In other words, a one-time $350 donation would cover your volunteer hours for the year. To do this, all you need to do is fill out our online form, and in the notes section, specify that your donation is to cover volunteer hours.

WCA Committees

WCA has a strong parent volunteer base and several active committees. Effective committees provide WCA parent stakeholders an opportunity to become involved at the school in a meaningful way.  We encourage each parent to participate in our committee work!

There are two types of committees - board committees and support committees.  Meeting times vary - some committees meet in the morning after student drop off, in the afternoon before student pick up, and of course, some committees meet after school.  Many businesses support community service, especially when volunteering for a school committee meeting that meets only once a month. By participating in committee meetings during the day, there is more time for families in the evenings.

Click below to learn more and sign up for a committee that you would like to participate in.  Most committees host their first meeting in September, unless stated otherwise.

WCA Board Committees

Board committees support board members in their work in governance and oversight.  Each committee has one board member liaison and a committee member that serves as the chairperson.  

The chairperson’s priorities and focus in leading should align with the governing board to carry out the intent of the subcommittee and to increase the likelihood of success.  Board committees establish goals and benchmarks to measure success.

  • Student & School Safety: The Safety Committee’s purpose encompasses a variety of areas, including, but not limited to physical safety, environmental safety, internet safety, and emotional safety. The committee will focus on diligent exploration and research to develop appropriate options and safeguards to increase the level of safety at WCA.

    • Meeting times are scheduled for September 5th, December 5th & April 2nd at 3:45 p.m. in the elementary school library.

  • Education: The Education Committee serves to strengthen the overall educational program of the school. This committee assists the administrator and teachers in providing all WCA students with the highest quality educational program possible by: 1) researching new and existing curricular and instructional approaches, 2) evaluating and synthesizing information, and 3) sensing parent and school/community needs.

    • Meeting times are scheduled for October 10th, November 14th and December 12th at 3:45 p.m. in the elementary school library.


Support committees support the day-to-day work of staff at Windsor Charter Academy. A staff member in a leadership role leads each committee. Parents and stakeholders, as members, work with staff to support the work of the committee.

The leader shares school priorities and focus of the school year that supports not only the vision and mission, but also the goals in the UIP, grants with strategic goals, etc. Support committees will establish goals and benchmarks to measure success.

  • PTC: Our parent-teacher clubs support our students with memorable activities throughout the year such as Sweets with Santa, Halloween Trunk or Treat and After Prom. More information will be coming soon on upcoming meeting dates.

Events & Activities at Windsor Charter Academy

Volunteers are active members of our community and often need to schedule events or create promotional materials for our school activities.

  • Event Planning Form: If you are hosting an event at any of our schools, please fill out our Event Planning Form. This form is used to secure building space for events, to ensure we have proper security measures in place, to address student health needs, as well as to make sure we market/promote your event to the appropriate audiences.

  • Media Request Form: *If you have submitted an Event Planning Form (above) you do not need to submit a Media Request Form.* Our Media Request Form is used to promote activities and happenings around our schools. Please submit this form if you need a Facebook post to our main Facebook page or grade-level pages, an announcement put in our school newsletters, or if you need to distribute information to our community in another way.

  • Website Request Form: If you need an update to our website, or would like us to create a new web page for an activity or group, please fill out our Website Request Form.

  • Online Store Request Form: If you need to create an online store, where you can sell an item (registration, club/sport camps, ticket sales, class sales, etc.), please fill out our Online Store Request Form.