Health Services

As we continually grow life-long learners at WCA, we recognize that health is essential to optimal learning. In order to reach their highest potential, students must be educated, empowered, and equipped to make healthy choices so their focus can remain on academics and citizenship. The WCA Health Services Team strives to maintain the physical, mental, and social health of students so they can benefit maximally from their educational opportunities. Our goal is to remove health-related barriers to learning and meet students’ health care needs while ensuring they are allowed every opportunity to thrive and excel in both the classroom and extracurricular activities.


Meet our Health Office team

Sara Ibarra  School Nurse

Sara Ibarra School Nurse

Holly Hoag  Elementary Health Aide

Holly Hoag Elementary Health Aide

Roni Ferraro  Elementary Health Aide

Roni Ferraro Elementary Health Aide

Jordan Pearson  Elementary Health Aide

Jordan Pearson Elementary Health Aide

Jamie Miller  MS/HS Health Aide

Jamie Miller MS/HS Health Aide


The following are the primary responsibilities of the school nurse and clinic staff:

  • Provide medical care that allows students with health care needs to attend school

  • Prevent contagious illness and injuries through surveillance and implementation of appropriate precautionary measures

  • Maintain state mandated immunization records and other health assessment data

  • Assist families to locate health resources in their community

  • Educate individuals and groups about health issues in order to increase their health literacy.

  • Provide acute and emergency health care

  • Assess students' health to identify and address health-related obstacles to learning

  • Maintain health office preparedness for potential crises

  • Develop and implement Individualized Health Plans and 504 Plans to reduce impact of chronic and episodic health conditions upon academic achievement

  • Administer medications

  • Train additional personnel to administer medications safely so that students with medical needs can participate in extra-curricular school activities

  • Screen students’ vision and hearing

Student Accident Insurance

Student accident insurance is becoming an important option for families due to lack of insurance options, an ever-increasing rise in deductibles, and co-insurance requirements. If medical insurance coverage is not available to your family, we offer the option to purchase insurance through Markel Insurance agency on behalf of your children. This program helps families cope financially in case of an accident.

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