Administering Medications

Many students have chronic or acute health concerns that require medications to be administered during the school day.  If your student will require a prescription, or over the counter medications while at school, you need to complete our WCA Medication Administration Form. This form requires physician and parent completion each school year.

If your student has asthma, diabetes, allergies, or a seizure disorder, please refer to those tabs on this web page for the appropriate forms.

Please refer to the WCA School Board Policy, ADMINISTERING MEDICINES TO STUDENTS (JLCD) for more detailed information.  


Administering Medications to Students During Non-School Hours


The administration of medication during non-school hours will depend on the type of activity and whether the activity requires pre-registration. All required activities that occur during non-school hours and field trips, and to the extent possible, many non-required special activities/events, including but not limited to, athletics, and pre-registered school sponsored clubs and events, will have medication administration available either by the School Nurse or her/his delegate. Unfortunately, due to the nature of some events, including drop-in activities, small group activities, school dances, or other events, it is not possible for WCA to have a staff member available that is trained to administer medications. If your student requires the administration of medications outside of school hours, it is your responsibility to notify the WCA School Nurse Consultant and provide the required documentation and authorization needed.  Each non-school hours activity may require a separate authorization. It is the goal of WCA to ensure that all students have access to as many non-school hour events as they choose to participate in. WCA encourages the parents of students that may be impacted by this policy to communicate with the WCA School Nurse in advance so that WCA can understand the student's need. Parents are always welcome to drop in to any school sponsored events to administer the student's medication.

Non-School Sponsored Events

Non-School Sponsored Events may be hosted on school grounds, but are run by an outside organization or individual. No WCA staff will be available to tend to health care needs or administer medications. Parents are always welcome to drop in to non-school sponsored events to administer the student's medication.