Managing a child's asthma is a team effort, involving you, your child, your child's healthcare providers and the school. All members of the team want to be able to communicate, ask questions, and share information about your child's health and well-being.  Please complete this Parent Asthma Intake Form for your school nurse. This asthma intake form only needs to be completed one time, or as your child’s asthma condition changes.  

If your student will need a rescue inhaler at school, please have your healthcare provider complete the Colorado School Asthma Care Plan. This form requires physician and parent completion each school year.

If your student will be carrying and self-administering their rescue asthma medications, please complete this Permission to Self-Carry Contract with your student. Prior to being authorized to Self-Carry at school, this contract will need to be reviewed and signed by the School RN Consultant.