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“Where students are educated, empowered, and equipped to reach their highest potential.”


Windsor Charter Academy provides our students with a solid academic foundation through our K-8 Core Knowledge and our rigorous 9-12 early college high school curricula. Our culture empowers our students to achieve academic excellence through critical thinking, character development, and a love for lifelong learning.

Our Story

Windsor Charter Academy’s ElementaryMiddle School, and Early College High School fulfill the needs of families in the north central Colorado region by providing rigorous academic standards and an early college option that prepares students for post-secondary success.  Students engage in college preparatory and college-level coursework that supports their need to reach their highest potential. 

WCA opened its doors in 2001 and remains the only charter school in this small but thriving/growing community of Windsor, CO. When opening, the elementary building on 680 Academy Ct. housed elementary students.  Over the first ten years, the school saw two expansions on the building, allowing WCA to become a K-8 school.  Today, WCA hosts two schools—an elementary K-5 and a middle / early college high school.  The new middle / early college high school is located a few blocks away at 810 Automation Drive.

Many families look for academic opportunities that will challenge students from kindergarten throughout their school experience.  By providing opportunities for students to graduate with a dual degree with both a high school degree and an associate degree, students are prepared for next steps in their academic journey.  Students are quickly able to resume collegiate studies at a university, completing their bachelor’s degree in two more years.