Branding at Windsor Charter Academy

Our branding and style guide provides basic guidelines to brand, build awareness, and promote consistency across all WCA communication.  It also promotes uniformity across WCA's elementary school, middle, and early college high school.

Consistency in visual representation across all WCA communication, from typeface to logos, fosters familiarity and allows us to communicate in a coordinated manner.  The guide outlines official uses of: WCA logos, mascot, tagline, typeface, color palette, photography, and social media.  Please use official WCA material in all internal and public correspondence.

Official Use of the WCA Logo

The WCA Logo:

  • Is used across elementary, middle, and high school communications. This logo is considered our “academic” logo and is used on our internal communications and on academically-focused documents and apparel (student club t-shirts, etc.).

  • Is only sent to external partners in an approved file formats to prevent distorted images or color manipulation.

  • Can be used with or without the tagline, depending on the use-case.

  • Is NOT to be altered or manipulated in any way, unless given prior approval in special circumstances.

  • Copies of these logos, in various file types and sizes, can be requested from

wca logo with slogan2018.png
wca logo NO slogan2018.png

WCA Mascot

WCA's official mascot is the Firebird.  This version of the mascot should be used on all WCA athletic gear, sports-related spirit wear, or for other athletic purposes.

firebirds logo2018.png
firebirds logo no wings2018.png

Official Color Palette

The WCA color palette is an essential part of presenting a consistent image across all media types.  The approved WCA color pallet is listed below.


WCA Blue

PMS 540 C

CMYK 100 / 80 / 38 / 37

RGB 10 / 50 / 84

HEX #0A3254

WCA Green

PMS 356C

CMYK 96 / 27 / 100 / 15

RGB 0 / 121 / 64

HEX #007940


WCA has an official typefaces :

  • Hypatia Sans Pro: This font is primarily used in our “academic” leaf logo. This font should primarily be used for titles and headers.

  • Century Gothic: This font is used in our daily documents, flyers, presentations, and handbooks.

  • Serpentine: This font is only used in our athletic logo and athletic apparel.