Elementary After School Kare (A.S.K.)

WCA is proud to offer several programs to children after the school day. 

Please be advised that transportation is not provided unless stated. Please contact the appropriate club for additional information.  If you have an idea for an after school club, or would like to offer your services, please contact the front office. Please be advised that these activities are NOT School Sponsored Events. WCA staff will not be available to administer medications or provide medical accommodations. Please refer to the 2018-2019 parent handbook for additional information regarding School Sponsored Events. 

1st Choice After School Kare (A.S.K.) -     Open to All Grade levels

When:  Everyday from 3:30 - 6:00pm in the Elementary Building Cafeteria

Our goal is to make sure every-child in the A.S.K. program achieves an “A” average in their academic studies while having more family time in the evenings.  We do this by hiring certified teachers from your child’s school that tutor the children in areas specified by their teachers and parents.  In addition, we make sure that 99% of every child’s homework is completed and checked by the time parents pick them up.

There are no glorified babysitters at 1st Choice. All Directors, Team Leaders and Teachers are committed to making every moment fun yet educational. 

To learn more about A.S.K., click here!