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Weekly Newsletters

Our primary form of communication is through our WCA Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. Teeples.  Receive important updates, news about the school, and see what our students are up to!

School Facebook Pages

Join us on Facebook using the links below to network with parents and to get information about upcoming events, activities, and volunteer opportunities for your student's grade level.

School Facebook Pages



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Participating in our Grade-Level Facebook Groups

Our parents gather on our grade-level Facebook pages to ask and answer questions about school-related activities, share photos of class celebrations, and communicate with other parents about homework, activities, and events. This is also where we post announcements, volunteer opportunities, and other important information.

Our Windsor Charter Facilitator is the official administrator of this page. We also have school-appointed Facebook moderators who are here to ensure this page is used to facilitate positive communication and to answer questions. We work hard to make sure our grade-level pages foster a sense of community!

By participating in this group, you understand and are agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Any material that our administrators or moderators find off-topic, inappropriate or objectionable, including re-posts or links from third parties, will be removed.

  • Solicitation, selling, or advertising of any kind is not permitted.

  • Profane language, spam, offensive content, or harassment is not permitted.

Windsor Charter Academy Facebook Administrators and Moderators will:

  • Remove content that is deemed inappropriate or is in violation of our standards. Repeat offenses may result in removal from the group.

  • Verify that members participating in this group are actively listed as parents/guardians in Infinite Campus.

  • Not accept WCA students or WCA alumni into grade-specific pages. These pages are for parents/guardians only.

Please help us ensure that we continue to have a positive and thriving Facebook community!