Why Choose Windsor Charter Academy

Welcome to Windsor Charter Academy

Let Windsor Charter Academy be your family’s catalyst for change. We help your child focus on the facets of their education that will make the greatest positive impact in their life. Come to a place where each student and their family is valued, respected, and not only encouraged to grow, but given the tools to reach full potential. Small class sizes, a full sports program, educational competition opportunities and meaningful parental involvement are a few of the benefits that Windsor Charter Academy students and families enjoy. While the uniforms worn at the school might seem restrictive, imagine the freedom from arguments over acceptable clothing or designer labels as status symbols. Allow your children to concentrate on educational and emotional development rather than the social agendas prevalent in other schools. Windsor Charter Academy uses the Core Knowledge curriculum to provide a solid foundation for your child’s education. The Academy also places emphasis on character development, something that is often lost in larger schools. Creating successful and happy children isn’t something that’s left to chance, we have a specific program to meet this challenge. Contact us today so we can answer your questions. We understand that we’re different. Don’t let your doubts of the unknown keep your child from the best education available.
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