WCA High School Dress Code Policy

Our commitment

At WCA, we strive to make academics the primary focus of our students by limiting distractions as much as possible.  It is our goal that all WCA students maintain their person and clothing in a modest, clean, and orderly manner consistent with the school uniform dress code.

Please make sure your student dresses in alignment with our Dress Code Policy.  It is our goal to be diligent in supporting the school policy, particularly with the length of shorts, skorts, skirts, and dresses.  All shorts, skorts, skirts, and dresses must not be shorter than a credit card length above the knee.  

Thank you for your support as we strive to ensure that all students are dressed for academic success.

High school Dress Code guide

Pants, Capris & Shorts

Jumpers, Skirts, Skorts & Dresses



Scarves & Belts

  • Scarves are allowed to be worn with a dress code compliant shirt.  Any color.
  • Belts are optional and can be any color.  There should be nothing hanging off the belt - for example, no spikes or chains.


  • Tights can be any solid color.
  • No patterns or prints.
  • Tights not allowed alone.  They must be worn with skirts or dresses that meet the guidelines for skirts or dresses.


  • Open toed shoes with straps on the back. Flip-flop like design with a strap on back is not acceptable; must be professional sandal-like open toe
  • Soft soled bath / bedroom type slippers, house shoes, or shoes with wheels in the bottom are not permitted.
  • Any heels must be lower than 1 1/2 inches.


  • Jewelry must be modest and in good taste-no excessive or distracting jewelry (no safety pins, spikes, nails, gages or look alike gages, etc.)
  • Piercings should not be excessive or distracting in size or number
  • No facial piercings.


  • Facial hair must be well groomed and natural color.
  • Students may highlight their hair, but they shall not be allowed to dye it any color that is not a natural hair color, including hair extensions.
  • Hair accessories shall be in good taste and not excessive.
  • No Mohawks, Fauxhawks, and any other hair design that administration deems distracting to learning.


Dresses or slacks must be worn to dances.  They must meet the dress code standards.